Dear Point and Clickers,


we're thrilled to share an update regarding the development of our upcoming video game. After an exhilarating experience at our first convention at GG Bavaria, we returned with so much optimism and determination. The response from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, and it affirmed our belief that we're definitely on the right track with President Rocket Game! We really never expected that much interest in a point and click adventure game standing next to games that have millions of budget.


In light of this, we've made the decision to postpone our Kickstarter campaign until later this year. Why, you might ask? Well, we're fully committed to ensuring that when we launch our campaign, we do so with the most compelling and comprehensive presentation possible. Having additional gameplay footage from our second playable character and features from the “open world” part of our game to showcase will significantly enhance our campaign's effectiveness. We're almost finished with animating Liv, the second character and have been working on the other locations for quite some time now, so we're really close to being able to present some footage!


Rest assured, this decision is driven by our unwavering commitment to delivering the best possible game and ensuring a successful crowdfunding campaign. We're incredibly grateful for your patience, understanding, and continued support as we embark on this journey together.


You can sign up for our kickstarter newsletter here on our landing page or follow the kickstarter page already to be first in line when we announce it!


Development is progressing remarkably well overall. We’re firing on all cylinders, and hitting milestones faster than ever before, as our noobish trial and error approach from the beginning has developed into a nice and steady workflow.


Thank you for being a part of our community, and we can't wait to share more exciting updates with you in the near future.


Tilly and Matze