Point and clickers! It's time for another dev update.


We've almost finished all of the standard animations for our second playable character. We also decided to give her a complete design overhaul compared to the version you still see in the demo. Our skillset has simply evolved since we started working on PRG and we wanted to make sure everything you see meets the same standards.


The locations of the remaining chapters are in the process of being connected to each other. There is still quite a lot of artwork to be done, so a lot of them are still placeholder graphics. But it feels great that everything slowly starts to feel like “a complete game”!


We also couldn’t resist adding another set of locations - I mean, who wouldn’t love to discover a secret underwater base, right? Wait. Did we just tell you about the secret underwater base? The journey through the Brunner tech property will lead you to an old abandoned rocket base, a small cliche german town, mountain and forest locations, the Brunner tech space launch complex and many more!


Even though humor plays a big part in our game, we’ve put a lot of effort into our world and story. There’s multiple solutions, twists, surprises and outcomes to this adventure.


The two playable characters have slightly different playstyles. Don’t worry though: It’s all classic and intuitive point and click gameplay with a few extras. Lloyd will directly address you (House of Cards style) from time to time and the way you treat and talk to him will have consequences on his behavior and possibilities throughout the game. Liv on the other hand has a little cyborg squirrel that you can control! Wait a second… Doesn’t that actually make three playable characters? Hm. Never seen it this way…


There’s also some great news on the horizon regarding our team. We might be adding a third member to this project! But more on that when it’s official!


Cheers! Can’t wait to show you more!


Tilly & Matze



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a 78.5% satirical point and click adventure



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An arch conservative, chauvinistic ex-president and a young militant climate activist need to save mankind. YOU will need to make sure they work together. What the hell could possibly go wrong?

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We, Tilly and Matze, have been working on President Rocket Game for quite some time now. After testing different graphical styles and design approaches we have been able to successfully publish the first chapter of the game on Steam.


 “President Rocket Game may be a spoof of modern times, but its design heart is very much in the Golden Age of adventure games”

 Jack Allin, Adventure Game Hotspot, Oct 2023


After careful consideration and extensive testing during the unity shitstorm, we decided to finish programming the game in Godot Engine and ditch Unity!


*footage recorded in Godot Engine

Having coded the whole game by ourselves this time (we initially built it in adventure creator in unity) we now have a much slicker code and know our way around all the time as opposed to relying on a pre-written framework.


This decision has already paid off, as we reworked President Rocket Game’s UI completely, resulting in a better user experience.


  • A classic point & click adventure in a retroish pixel art design (a little lighting never hurt anyone, eh?) with full english voice over
  • You're trapped inside the head of Lloyd The Prez Kinski, the most simpleminded and awkward person on the planet - a challenging but also extremely funny venture
  • Teaming up with climate activist Liv Lundgren – the second playable character – you'll uncover what's probably the biggest conspiracy this species has ever witnessed
  • Experience an absurd story packed with crazy events, mad characters and twists you never saw coming but also be prepared for loss and death
  • Exciting and sometimes unusual puzzles with alternative solutions and a story with meaningful decisions promise replayability - no moonlogic!
  • Never before was death in adventure games funnier. Or fun at all. Dying in President Rocket Game is so pleasing, we'll actually add achievements for it while sparing you quick saving frenzies



so... are you ready to launch to the stars with us?

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